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30 December 2017

How marketing is tackling its gender pay gap

For many months now, I’ve been saying that gender pay gap reporting won’t really take off until businesses decide to take a sectoral approach to the issue, and I’m pleased to see that this is beginning to happen.  Marketing Week’s 2018 Annual Salary Survey has included the gender pay gap dimension in its analysis – and it makes interesting reading.

Data gathered from the sample finds female marketers earn less than male marketers in every sector and in every role, except that of marketing assistant. This is the only time in her career a female marketer will earn a higher amount than a male marketer, taking home 10 per cent more, with an average salary of £22,209 versus £20,250. The survey goes on to look at the gap by industry and by seniority.

Industry leaders have expressed surprise at the findings, but have nonetheless given some pointers as to how to tackle the gap: don’t let previous salary determine earnings, but set a rate for the job; encourage people to push for money if they think they’re worth it, and self-check to see that you are doing all that you can to tackle the problem.

I’d like to see a lot more of this kind of coverage of the gap. 

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