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22 November 2017

European Commission steps up action on equal pay

The European Commission is adopting an Action Plan for 2018-19 to combat the gender pay gap from all possible angles.

The Action Plan includes a broad and coherent set of activities to tackle the gender pay gap, and prioritizes 8 areas for action:

  1. Improving the application of the equal pay principle
  2. Combating segregation in occupations and sectors
  3. Breaking the ceiling: initiatives to combat vertical segregation
  4. Tackling the care penalty
  5. Better valorizing women's skills, efforts and responsibilities
  6. Fighting the fog: unveiling inequalities and stereotypes
  7. Alerting and informing about the gender pay gap
  8. Lending hands: enhancing partnerships to tackle the gender pay gap
The Action Plan is accompanied by an Evaluation Report of the Commission’s 2014 Pay Transparency Recommendation. The UK’s gender pay gap regulations mean that we are ahead of the field in respect of transparency.

The Commission will also be having a closer look at the need to clarify the legal provisions on equal pay that are in the Directive on equal treatment between women and men in employment and occupation. It remains to be seen whether this initiative will be concluded before the UK has left the European Union.

For more information and to download the Action Plan, click here.

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