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28 June 2017

Scottish Ministers urged to take action on gender pay gap

Scottish ministers are being urged to develop an overarching strategy to tackle the gender pay gap. In the report of its wide ranging inquiry into the gender pay gap in Scotland, the Scottish Parliament’s Economy Jobs and Fair Work Committee have made a long list of recommendations which, if implemented, would contribute to the development of an overarching strategy to tackle the gender pay gap.  The Committee wants the strategy to include an action plan and measurable targets.

The Committee’s recommendations include:

  • Developing a suite of indicators to measure the underlying causes of the gender pay gap, using a comprehensive data set that includes part-time workers;
  • Introducing a more thorough analysis of the economic benefits of reducing the gender pay gap;
  • Carrying out a gendered analysis of education in Scotland;
  • Monitoring the number and success rate of flexible working requests made in Scotland, in both the public and private sector;
  • Increasing wages in care beyond the living wage to more accurately reflect the value of the work undertaken;
  • Encourages all businesses to create an action plan to tackle their own gender pay gap; the Committee also recommends that the Scottish Government put in place guidance to support employers in creating such a plan.
The report also includes a number of recommendations aimed at getting the Scottish Government’s business partners both to get more girls into STEM subjects and occupations, and to engage with tackling the gender pay gap.

The Committee acknowledges the willingness of the Scottish Government to address the issue, and feels there is an opportunity for Scotland to become a world leader in reducing the gender pay gap. The report and the Committee’s recommendations are intended to set the groundwork for this.

You can read the report here.

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