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28 April 2017

Gender Pay gap Reporting – Government Site now live

The Government site that employers caught by the gender pay gap regulations are required to upload their data onto – the Gender Pay Gap Viewing service – went live at the beginning of this week. The site is well-laid out and easy to read, and the headline figures are backed up by access to a spreadsheet which, over time, will be populated with data from all participating employers.

The site can be found here

Of the five reports up on the site at the end of its first week, only one provides a link to the employer’s own report, and only three provide the name of the person responsible for signing off the report. This does not bode well! 

14 April 2017

Does the gender pay gap prevent women from investing?

In a thinly disguised ad for the wealth management company, Moneyfarm, the company is pointing the finger at the gender pay gap as having a direct impact on women’s ability to invest in their future. Moneyfarm’s research shows that almost one in four women (24 per cent) say they do not have any disposable income in a typical month - versus just 14 per cent of men. 

But this isn’t just about the gender pay gap, it’s also about more women than men being low paid, about more women than men bearing the costs of childcare, and about the distribution of income within households.  Moneyfarm is right to want to encourage investment, and right to suggest that the gender pay gap has an impact on women’s ability to invest, but the fact that they don’t goes way beyond the male/female earnings’ divide to much broader societal issues. 

13 April 2017

Met Chief spurns equal pay?

A thoughtful commentary from Ruth Thomas on Cressida Dick’s decision to take a lower salary than she had been offered.

Media coverage has understandably focused on this as a matter of equal pay, but without recognising that equal pay isn’t just about women – all things being equal –receiving less than they should, but also about the elephant in the room: those situations in which men – all things being equal – get more than they should. It’s possible that Cressida Dick’s decision is an acknowledgement of the elephant in the room, in which case, more power to her elbow!