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1 March 2017

Employers urged to report race pay gap data

The Government should legislate to ensure that all listed companies and businesses employing more than 50 people publish workforce data broken down by race and pay band, according to an independent review.

The review also calls on public bodies employing more than 50 people to publish a breakdown of employees by race, ideally by pay band, on and include it in departmental reports.

The Baroness McGregor-Smith Review, which is published today, has found that people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are still being held back in the workplace, costing the UK the equivalent of 1.3 per cent in GDP each year.

The recommendation comes just one month before new Regulations come into force obliging larger employers to disclose their gender pay gap data, but the metrics proposed by the McGregor-Smith differ substantially from those being introduced by the government.

How much more helpful it would have been to have called on the government to add race into the gender reporting requirements, something many contributors to the consultation on gender pay gap reporting recommended in their own submissions. We could all then have sung from the same hymn sheet, with a much greater chance of success, if not now, then in preparation for the first five year review of the gender pay gap reporting regulations.

Of course employers should be reporting on race, but let’s make it easy, and have one set of metrics.

You can read the McGregor-Smith Review here.

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