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3 February 2017

Employers not yet ready for gender pay gap reporting

The latest survey from XpertHR finds employers ill prepared to handle the gender pay gap reporting regulations, which come into effect in April 2017, with a full report required by April 2018.
The Regulations require all employers with 250 or more relevant employees to measure and report their gender pay gaps, but XpertHR found that with the deadline date fast approaching, most employers surveyed admitted they don’t know how or when they will publish the results of the exercise.
Just under one-fifth (18.8 percent) admitted that they will run their data for the first time when the Regulations are in force – leaving them no time to assess their position and draw up plans before having to take the figures to the board.
Although a small number of employers plan to complete the task as soon as possible after April 2017 (11.6 percent) or at the time of their annual report (7.2 percent), more than half of organisations (52.9 percent) admitted they don’t know when they will publish their figures, and one in four organisations (23.9 percent) intend to delay as long as possible, publishing as close as they can to the deadline.
More positively, when it comes to acting upon the data, employers are keen to be seen to do the right thing. XpertHR found that two-thirds of respondents expect to commit to a plan to close any pay gap that is identified, while 27.5 percent said they were unsure what would happen. Only 5 percent said their organisation would not commit to closing the gender pay gap.
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