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24 February 2017

CBI issues guide to gender pay gap reporting

Produced in partnership with law firm CMS the CBI says that its guide, What your business needs to know about gender pay gap reporting offers practical advice on positioning your organisation on gender pay and step-by-step guidance on calculating and reporting your gender pay gap in line with statutory requirements. It suggests using the insights gained from analysing pay data to help inform what steps your organisation can take to improve gender diversity. Despite this exhortation, the guide is legalistic in tone, and short on practical suggestions of what to do when your gender pay gap calculations give cause for concern.
The CBI also notes that mandatory reporting of gender pay gaps was not a process CBI members supported, but says, nonetheless that the challenge of closing the gender pay gap requires action from businesses and the government alike. As well as self-evidently being the right thing to do, improving gender diversity at work increases the productivity of the UK economy as a whole, while also improving business’ access to skills, decision-making and staff engagement.

You can read the guide here.

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