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22 January 2017

Public sector gender pay gap reporting regulations published

The draft Regulations requiring public-sector employers to report on their gender pay gap were published on the 20th January 2017.

The requirements for the public sector largely mirror those for the private sector, but two key differences are that the public-sector requirements are being introduced as part of the existing public-sector equality duty, rather than as a stand-alone requirement, and that the annual “snapshot” date on which the pay information is collected is 31st  March for public sector employers, as compared to 5th  April for private and voluntary sector employers.

Employers have 12 months from the snapshot date in which to publish the pay information. This means that public-sector employers must publish their first figures by 30 March 2018.
The information will have to be published on the public authority’s website and provided on a Government site which is currently under development.
While the aim is to make the reporting requirements consistent across the public and private sectors, the public sector already has specific duties on equality, which the Regulations have to reflect.  There are also differences between the public sector equality duties in Wales and Scotland as compared to England, and it remains to be seen how these differences will work out in practice.
Scotland has already said it will require all public authorities with more than 20 employees to publish their pay gap every two years and an equal pay statement every four years.
The Regulations for both the public and private sectors now require parliamentary approval.

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