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27 November 2016

25 per cent gender pay gap in the high tech sector

New research from Mercer claims that at 25 percent, the gender earnings gap in the UK’s high tech sector is significantly higher than the national average (18 percent). The consultancy also found that small companies have the largest gap, with a 30 percent difference in (median) pay between all male and female employees, and a 26 percent gap when considering mean base salaries. This difference reduces as company sizes grow. 

Where the data allowed comparison of pay between women and men in equal job roles, the pay gap was much smaller, typically 8 percent. This is comparable to the UK norm of 9 percent for this type of analysis. The reasons for this gap is due on further analysis to a multitude of factors including the reluctance of many women to enter the tech field, not enough effort being put into promoting women and a lack of will in promoting flexible working patterns.

Mercer’s analysis of the gender earnings gap in the UK high-tech sector, covered 66,000 employees across 153 companies. The data comes from Mercer Comptryx, a global database covering 106 countries and the UK’s premier source of pay and labour force data for the high-tech and digital economy.

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