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2 March 2016

Women accountants still earn less than men

The gender pay gap within the accounting profession has shrunk by 3% the past year, but financial inequalities still exist between the two sexes, with male accountants earning nearly £20,000 more than female practitioners. Click here to read more.

Meanwhile, the Association of Accounting Technicians, whose research comes up with similar findings, has helpfully produced a white paper Making the finance sector add up for women, which looks at the gender pay gap in the sector in relation to current proposals on gender pay gap reporting, and comes up with the following recommendations:

"Investigate, measure, report 

While the new legislation only applies to larger organisations, firms of all sizes can benefit from analysing their current situation and putting measures in place to track their progress in improving their performance: 
  • Get the right systems in place to analyse pay information and representation at different levels by gender  
  • Obtain a clear picture of current experiences and attitudes – 
  • Analyse your pay and representation data, bearing your barriers in mind, so you can start to identify where any problems lie and tackle them front on 
  • Report back to the organisation – be honest about the current situation and communicate why changing it is important
  • Set targets for improving gender diversity and pay and commit to reviewing and reporting at regular intervals."

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