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8 March 2016

UCU names colleges and universities with largest gender pay gaps

In a new report published for International Women’s Day, UCU, the university and college highlights colleges and universities that pay female staff significantly less than men who are doing the same job.
Holding Down Women's Pay names and shames the top 30 English further education colleges with the largest gender pay gaps amongst lecturing staff. A further three league tables show the top 30 UK universities with the largest gender pay gaps amongst academic staff, professors and academic-related staff.

Key facts for Further Education

  • In 132 out of 203 colleges where data for lecturers is available, men are paid on average £1000 more than women.  
  • In over 28 colleges the gap is greater than 5 per cent.
  • In the 10 worst cases the gap is at least 8 per cent.
  • 19.1 per cent of women are being paid below what is regarded as the bottom of the national scale.
Key facts for Higher Education
  • The gender pay gap across higher education (HE) equates to a shortfall of £6,103 per year for each female academic. In total, this difference in average pay is a gender pay gap of £528 million per year. The total salary spend on female academics is £1.3 billion less than it is for male academics.
  • At 154 higher education institutions (HEIs) women are paid less than men, on average, and at only eight HEIs are women paid equal to or more than men.
  • The gap is larger at the so-called ‘elite’ Russell Group institutions (16.3 per cent).
  • While over half of all academics are women, only 23 per cent of professors are women. It is clear that women are not being promoted to the top academic posts.
  • The gender pay gap for academic-related, professional staff is smaller than for academics, and stands at 3.2 per cent.

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