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5 March 2016

Sophie Walker calls for pay transparency

Sophie Walker, leader of the new Women’s Equality Party, and its candidate for the London mayoral election in May, wants companies to be more transparent about the pay and opportunities that women are offered. 

Speaking in The Guardian, Walker said:

“There are two things here – there is equal pay and then the gender gap,” she says. “They are often jumbled up as one big very difficult problem that we can’t fix because its ‘Oh, it’s really hard’. But on equal pay I think it’s very simple. We should have full transparency of what is going on within Britain’s companies. 

“There is an annual report that already goes out, lets add an extra page on what is going on inside – a full breakdown of pay – what men are earning, what women are earning, what levels they are at within the company, whether they are working full-time or part-time, what the stickiness levels are before and after parental leave, break it all down by ethnicity and disability. Then you get a proper look.”

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