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2 February 2016

Black workers earn less than white workers

Black workers with degrees earn 23.1% less on average than white workers with degrees, according to new analysis published by the TUC.

The analysis of official statistics shows that a black worker with a degree will earn £14.33 an hour, on average. However, a white graduate will typically earn £18.63 an hour – £4.33 more.

The findings reveal that the pay gap between white and black workers is at its widest at degree level. Black workers with A-levels earn 14.3% less on average than their white counterparts. And black people who leave school with GCSEs typically get paid 11.4% less than their white peers.

The pay gap between all black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers with degrees and white graduates is 10.3% - the equivalent of £1.93 per hour.

The pay gap with white workers for all groups, regardless of their educational attainment, is 5.6% for BAME workers and 12.8% for black workers.

These figures highlight how inadequate are the measures to tackle the gender pay gap currently being proposed by the Government. As EqualPayPortal’s response to the consultation on gender pay gap reporting said:

The fact that the focus of the measure is solely on gender will reduce its effectiveness in getting employers to take action. While research has shown that in respect of labour market disadvantage, gender ‘trumps’ other protected characteristics [EHRC, 2009], it is nonetheless still the case that the gender pay gap cannot be addressed fully without also taking into account ethnicity and, as this present consultation partially recognizes, age. A measure focused solely on gender may result in some important aspects of the gap being overlooked.

The ethnic pay gap is both an important issue in its own right, and a contributor to the gender pay gap. It needs to be tackled.

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