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18 September 2015

EEF holding member seminars on gender pay gap reporting

The EEF, the industry body for manufacturing and engineering is running a series of day-long seminars for its members. The agenda is one which other sectors would do well to follow:
  • Understand the new provisions on gender pay reporting– learn what you need to do, when, and how best to do it
  • Consider any unintended consequences of gender pay reporting and how to address them
  • Share ‘typical’ pay gap figures with your peers
  • Recognise why gender pay is not the same as equal pay
  • Learn about the rise of equal pay claims in the private sector
  • Understand how the law on equal pay works in practice
  • Think about your exposure to an equal pay claim in your business and consider what steps you can take to reduce that risk 
  • Explore the bigger picture –understanding the STEM challenge. What actions have been shown to work at improving gender equality in a modern manufacturing and engineering workplace?
  • Hear from a member of the EEF Women in Manufacturing Group and from an EEF member company about their experience of investigating and tackling gender issues.

You can find out more here

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